0.6cc Pump FSW ferrule

PKP's fine mist sprayers are ideal for cosmetic & personal care products, like antibacterial spray, face & body cleaner, hair spray and so on. They can be with metal ferrule caps that offer the upscale appeal alternative to the standard pumps. With a high output of 0.6cc, it provides fine mist perform and ease of use that is perfect for hair care spray and air fresher. Although certain alcoholic solvent will cause the alcoholic evaporation, the orifice is not to be contaminated, even not affecting the spray function. Special design makes it more practical in a wide range of product applications. Shiny or matte metal ferrules are available to enhance the overall appearance and level of quality.


Reference NumberFSW ferrule
Minimum Order Quantity30000
Product typeSpray
Dispenser Sub TypeFinger Spray Pump
MaterialsPlastic - PE, Plastic - PP, Stainless Steel
Available Neck Options
  • 22mm / 410
  • 22mm / 415
  • 24mm / 410
  • 24mm / 415
  • 28mm / 400
  • 28mm / 410
  • 28mm / 415
  • 28mm / 420 (Pitch 8)
Outputs / Dosages (ml)0.6cc±0.1cc per stroke
Markets & ApplicationsAir Freshers, Furniture Care, Hair Care, Pet Care
Ferrule availableShiny Silver, Shiny Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Gold
Packaging Type (Packtag)Primary Packaging, Dispensing Closures
Packaging Sub-Type (Packtag)Pumps